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Crafted from local and or exotic timbers

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High Quality Luxury Hand Turned Wooden Pens Crafted in The New Forest UK

There is no better feeling than giving someone special the perfect gift and seeing their smile when they open it.

What will you write today? CraftyNick hand turned wooden pens, are lovingly crafted in The New Forest UK using responsibly sourced local and exotic materials. Only a small number of pens are made each year making them completely unique and the perfect gift for that special someone.
Sit back, pen in hand, and enjoy the wonderful contours, high quality finish and the elegance, of a CraftNick hand turned wooden pen.

Gold and Ebony

There’s nothing quite like feeling the weight and grip of a high-end beautiful hand turned wooden pen in your hand, it just expresses elegance and style. This Sirocco pen has been crafted using a antique Ebony wood and is finished to a very high standard. When viewed in the sunlight you can see a very subtle grain deep down within the high gloss finish. The design and materials make the pen a beauty to handle and look at everyday.

Premium Sirocco pen prices start at £36.


A Red Malle Sirocco hand made pen

Unique Collections

A stunning collection of handmade wooden luxury pens, with a ultra high quality look that will stand out from the crowd. Every pen is crafted in a variety of beautiful local or exotic woods and finished to an exceptionally high standard that makes every pen unique. Hand turned wooden pens make great graduation gifts, anniversary gifts and corporate gifts. 

Moving down from the top. A Lacewood Tempest click pen, New Forest Oak Sirocco pen,  Red Mallee Burr Sirocco pen, Ebony Sirocco pen and finally a New Forest Oak Premium Twist pen.

A pen is only as good as the materials used to make it!

Most pen kits are made in the Far East as cheaply as possible, with poor components, poor quality control, and usually containing the bare minimum of poor quality ink. There is nothing worse for a well-made pen than a refill that doesn’t work because it’s dried up or corroded, or the ink flow skips, or it feels scratchy on the paper.

The pen kits I use in my hand turned pens are of the highest quality using premium pen kits from a select few special suppliers and mainly designed in the UK. They have been engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and tolerances to take their place amongst the best available worldwide.

High quality pen refills

All of the CraftyNick hand turned Sirocco and Tempest pens are fitted with a Parker style Beaufort Ink refill with abrasion proof tungsten carbide balls and hard wearing, corrosion proof stainless steel tips. They are not the cheap and nasty refills you can buy on eBay and many other places on the internet, or that are supplied with almost all pen kits. The Sirocco and Tempest pen refills are of the highest quality, manufactured to exacting standards and tolerances using the finest Swiss made components and ink.

And yes, you really can tell the difference.

Extra refills can be purchased separately @ £2.45 per pack + postage from the CraftyNick store.
Pack contains 1x Parker style standard ink refill, medium point, black.


With a specially designed mechanism, the Tempest ballpoint pen provides a click ballpoint with a reliable and trustworthy clicker, that keeps on working. As with all the Tempest and Sirocco pens, it is fitted with a Parker style Beaufort Ink refill and is quite probably the most reliable click pen on the world market today.

Photo – Namibian Rosewood Tempest Click Pen

Premium Tempest pen prices start at £36.

Quality Craftsmanship

All CraftyNick hand turned wooden pens are crafted using responsibly sourced local and or exotic timbers along with other materials such as acrylics. The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail plus the high grade of materials used in every pen, ensures an exceptional uniqueness along with a smooth effortless writing experience. Every pen is finished using a range of innovative finishes which gives it a classic yet contemporary beauty that will deliver a timeless appeal for years to come.

UK Design

A stunning premium gold and gunmetal Sirocco pen designed in the UK. Hand turned from a beautiful piece of Red Mallee burr wood and adorned in high quality gold plate and gun metal. It is a much sought after classic and is quite simply, a stunning pen. Fitted with a high quality Parker style Beaufort Ink refill.

Premium Sirocco pen prices start at £36.

A pen is a a gift that travels everywhere you go!

It can be hard to come up with an original gift, but even a small twist on a generic gift can show loved ones you’ve put time and effort into the gesture. So if you are looking for something different to give, a unique handcrafted wooden pen will make a perfect gift to give for all occasions. The professional finishes and sleek shape of each pen will make a striking impression in any setting.
Unique CraftyNick hand turned pens make great graduation gifts, anniversary gifts and corporate gifts.

Lignum Handmade Pen

Premium Twist Pen

A premium gold twist pen with a bi-directional rotation system that advances and retracts the writing tip. Simply turn the cap back once you have finished writing and the ballpoint nib returns to the cap. These hand crafted premium twist pens are a delight to look at and use.

The pen in the photo has been hand turned from a lovely piece of local New Forest Oak. It speaks for itself.

Premium twist pen prices start at £29.

Pen Presentation Boxes

All CraftyNick hand turned pens come in a luxury black velvet presentation box with gold coloured banding, For more information see below. The type of presentation boxes are subject to stock availability or change.

Black Leatherette Pen Box

If you’re looking for a little extra stylish and luxurious protection, why not upgrade to this black leatherette pen box. It has rigid construction with spring hinge closure. Stitched, textured, glossy leatherette exterior with Cream velvet padded interior. It can be added by selecting the premium pen box option at the checkout?

Black Velvet Pen Box

Upon purchase of your CraftNick pen, it will come packaged in its own velvet presentation pen box with a black velvet padded interior to hold your pen in safely when not in use.

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