Purple Heart Fountain Pen


Premium gold & black titanium fountain pen dressed in purple heart

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A premium fountain pen that has been hand turned using a beautiful piece of Purple Heart. It has an amazing deep rich shine that really shows the purple colour in the wood. It is finished with a hard wearing mirror finish that really brings out the beauty of the pink colour in the wood and at the same time offering a good level of protection.

Purple Heart is prized for its unusual hue, which starts off as a medium brown color with faint purple accents, but deepens to an intense eggplant purple over time. The small piece of wood used to make this particular pen was discovered in the corner of a friends fishing store in Scotland. He very kindly donated it to me so that I was able to make this beautiful fountain pen. A rare find indeed.

It is adorned in the finest premium quality 22 carat gold platings with black titanium accents on the centre band and cap end.

Absolutely stunning.

The pen is fitted with a two tone German made high quality fountain pen nib as standard together with a premium quality ink converter.

The Fountain Pen is supplied with a pack of 6 x premium fountain pen ink cartridges made in the UK. The ink has been formulated to flow easily from the nib giving great depth of colour and exhibiting excellent shading.

It is shipped in a stylish and luxurious leatherette pen box. It has rigid construction with spring hinge closure. Stitched, textured, glossy leatherette exterior with Cream velvet padded interior.

(Please note. Bottled ink is not supplied but can be purchased from the CraftyNick website separately).

Fountain pens are Non-postable. (Non-postable means that the cap cannot attach, and will need to be set aside or held while writing.). In tradition fine pens are designed for the cap to be left off to be admired, and to be balanced for writing without the cap on the pen.

There is nothing worse for a well-made pen than a refill that doesn’t work because it’s dried up or corroded, or the ink flow skips, or it feels scratchy on the paper.
The pen kits I use in my hand turned pens are of the highest quality using premium pen kits from a select few special suppliers and mainly designed in the UK. They have been engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and tolerances to take their place amongst the best available worldwide.

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