Lignum Vitae Ballpoint Pen


Premium gold & black chrome ballpoint pen dressed in lignum vitae

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As result of UK leaving Europe we have temporary stopped accepting international orders. We are sorry but only domestic UK orders will be accepted until further notice

A premium ballpoint pen that has been hand turned using a beautiful piece of Lignum Vitae and has an amazing deep rich shine that really shows of the grain and the colours in the wood. It is adorned in the finest premium quality 22 carat gold platings with black chrome accents on the centre band and cap end.

There is nothing worse for a well-made pen than a refill that doesn’t work because it’s dried up or corroded, or the ink flow skips, or it feels scratchy on the paper.
The pen kits I use in my hand turned pens are of the highest quality using premium pen kits from a select few special suppliers and mainly designed in the UK. They have been engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and tolerances to take their place amongst the best available worldwide.

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